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Title: Knives
Post by: spicegurl on December 23, 2011, 09:43:26 PM
I have two sets of knives with butcher blocks.  I like both of them but to be honest ... I mainly use one.  One has serrated edges and I don't know how to sharpen them so I rarely use them.  The set I use all the time .. I can sharpen them and they are starting to show their ware.  What kind of knives do you use and why?  Is there a way to sharpen serrated edge knives? :eat:

Title: Re: Knives
Post by: Lady Cooksalot on May 31, 2012, 07:43:55 AM
Sorry to be so long answering, honey.....*sigh*........anyway, as far as I know there is not way to sharpen serrated knives.  I personally don't care for serrated knives.........I, too have some that were given to me as a gift many years ago, but rarely used them.  I've recently received a very nice set that CAN be sharpened and have sent those serrated ones to the basement shelves.  Honestly, I never really knew if I was getting the serrated ones clean enough.....as some of them have those tiny little serrations that don't wash easily, so I'm glad to see them gone.