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Author Topic: spaghetti to die for  (Read 3920 times)
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« on: March 25, 2006, 03:30:00 PM »

spaghetti to die for

fresh mushrooms
garlic clove
green pepper
steak spice
can or jar of favorite sauce

I didn't add the amounts of each as everyone knows how much they usually add and how many people they are cooking for. 

Firstly, start slicing a appropriate amount of celery, green pepper, mushroom and onions.  Put them in a bowl off to the side for now. 

In a skillet, begin to brown your burger on medium.  Once you have it starting to fry, in a large pot, start your water boiling for your spaghetti. 

When burger starting to look lightly brown, move to one side of pan.   If your using lean burger, add some butter to cleared section of skillet.  Now add your sliced contents in the bowl and increase heat to medium high.  Stir frequently as you want to fry them nicely and not over cook.  Reduce heat, add salt, pepper, steak spice and chop some garlic up into it.  Cover while stirring occasionally.

In a sauce pot, add sauce and heat on medium low.  Chop a little garlic up and add to it.  After it heats up, crush 2 - 4 cloves between a spoon, remove large chunks and add to sauce. Stir in to sauce and cover.

Well, by now you should have your spaghetti on.  Keep heating sauce and stirring.  In your frying pan, mix burger with the rest of the stuff in frying pan and add more spice. 

When pasta ready ... serve however you normally would.  You can either add your burger mix to your sauce or serve on top of pasta and sauce.


Oh ya, you might want to check out some garlic bread with mozza on top.  Garlic bread just seems to add to the extra zest.   Wink

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